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Pride Regulatory are your full service regulatory & compliance specialists. With over 35 years of regulatory experience in oil and gas pipeline, gas gathering and facilities projects, we take exceptional pride in every project we take on. Pride offers regulatory compliance consultation to the oil and gas sector to Western Canada and would love to work and help your firm on your next project. Here’s a brief sample of some of the products & services we offer:

AER Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) Applications


All sour gas processing plants with more than 0.01 mol/kmol H2S require an EPEA Approval. These approvals support and promote the protection and enhancement of the environment and address potential impacts of a proposed project on air, wastewater, groundwater, and soils. These approvals are term approvals; they can be issued for up to a ten-year period, requiring renewal prior to expiry and amendments for any processing changes.

National Energy Board (NEB) Applications

Companies planning to build energy facilities are required to satisfy the NEB that they have anticipated environmental effects likely to be associated with their project. The NEB conducts an environmental assessment during their review of applications as a part of their public interest mandate.    

The Board may consider information relating to:

  • engineering;
  • environment and socio-economics;
  • economics and financial matters;
  • lands
  • any public interest that may be affected by the granting or refusing of the application.

Alberta Applications / Application Exemptions

  • Resources Applications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs – Directive 065
  • Energy Development Applications & Schedules – Directive 056
  • Injection and Disposal Wells – Directive 051
  • Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations – Directive 017
  • Measurement Exemption – Directive 017
    • Water-Gas Ratio (WGR) exemption applications
    • Gas-Oil Ratio (GOR) exemption applications
    • Effluent Meter Correction Factor (ECF) relaxation applications
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

Alberta Inspections / Audits

  • Pipeline Inspections – Manual 005 & Acts and Rules
  • Facility Inspections – Manual 001
  • Flaring (Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring) – Directive 060
  • Waste Management – Directive 058
  • Tank Storage Requirements – Directive 055
  • Drilling and Servicing – Directives 036 & 037
  • Measurement – Directive 017

BC Inspections / Audits

  • Pipeline, Facility Inspections & Applications

Field Measurement Handbook

A handbook for all levels of an oil and gas company but geared towards operations and production accounting consisting of information on:


    • D007: Volumetric and Infrastructure Requirements
    • D017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations
    • D046: Production Audit Handbook
    • D076: Operator Declaration Regarding Measurement and Reporting Requirements

Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Procedures Manual & Pipeline Integrity Plan

A manual and plan constructed for a licensee’s core operating pipeline area(s) focusing on such matters as corrosion prevention and mitigation, ground disturbance protocol, risk versus consequence regarding failures (Annex N included), construction and testing and operating procedures.


    • Manual 005:  Requirements and Procedures for Pipelines


    • British Columbia Oil & Gas Commissions Information Letter OGC 06-12 entitled, Guidelines for Pipeline Integrity Management Programs

Corporate Emergency Response Plan

A documented manual regarding the identification of the logical sequence of actions the licensee would take in the event of an emergency.


    • D071:  Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements for the Petroleum Industry


    • OGC Applications – Pipelines and Facilities

Regulatory Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan

When integrated with appropriate requirements of environmental regulations and guidance documents, this plan provides for the management and assurance of quality in those activities.

Corporate Health and Safety Manual

We create a Corporate Health and Safety Manual for a comprehensive Health and Safety plan designed for all levels of a company’s organizational chart.  This encourages both human and financial resources to help ensure your safety is an important part of your business.

Safety Handbook

A handbook that contains the basic health and safety rules, regulations and work practices for employees, visitors, truckers and contractors.

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