All management, employees, contractors and subcontractors with Pride Regulatory are committed to continually improving in our health safety and environmental awareness.

We take pride in our Health and Safety Management System that outlines values and key accountabilities at all levels of the organization protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors and the public.

Our aim is to conduct all aspects of our business in a way to fulfill the Company’s commitment to health safety and the environment.

We continually evaluate the effectiveness of our Health and Safety system to identify areas of improvement including:

  • Maintaining a safe work environment with proper policies, procedures, standards, training, equipment and emergency response procedures in accordance with government regulations and standards, as well as industry codes, practices and guidelines
  • Providing appropriate health, safety and environmental training for all personnel
  • Communicating safety through all levels of the organization

Everyone who works with Pride Regulatory will share in the benefits of a safe work environment.

Pride Regulatory Services is SECOR (Small Employee Certificate of Recognition) compliant.