Derry Wright, C.E.T.

Pride Regulatory Services President Derry Wright brings decades-spanning regulatory inspection and auditing experience to his company and your project. Derry brings a hands-on, experience-based approach and in-depth knowledge of regulatory and compliance challenges to ensure successful outcomes for modern petroleum projects. His duties including inspecting numerous upstream and downstream facilities for compliance, conducting air monitoring of upstream facilities for SO2 and H2S, pipeline inspection and submitting applications for approval of upstream and downstream projects.

Born and raised in Alberta, Derry spent thirteen years as a Senior Inspector with the Energy Resources Conservation Board, now the Alberta Energy Regulator. That experience, combined with years of private-sector practice gives Derry a unique insight into both sides of the regulatory equation. Founding Pride Regulatory Services in 2002 as Pride Regulatory Services, he possesses a distinct knowledge of Albertan entrepreneurship and the challenges that can face companies and projects in the heart of the oilpatch. With significant experience in regulatory enforcement and years of hands-on expertise in the field, Pride Regulatory Services clients enjoy the confidence of knowing their regulatory projects will be executed in a professional, efficient and customer-focused manner.

When he’s not leading Pride Regulatory Services, Derry enjoys sharing a lighthearted and stimulating conversation and is an avid supporter of the Calgary Hitmen hockey team.

  • Application and proposal submission for client petroleum projects
  • Construction of emergency response and safety plans
  • Authorship of maintenance and safety manuals for upstream petroleum clients
  • Auditing and inspection of wells, pipelines and facilities for regulatory ERCB compliance
  • Inspection of facilities for environmental and accounting compliance
  • Drafting, reviewing and modifying acts and regulations pertaining to unrefined petroleum development